Top down 2-D, story-driven, adventure game

Steadfast is both an epic, high fantasy adventure game and an intimate story of hope, courage, and love. You will play as twins, Talon and Ayla, in search of their kidnapped father. On your quest, you will meet many colorful characters, experience beautiful landscapes, battle dangerous enemies, and unravel ancient mysteries of their world.

Rich world

The world of Steadfast is vast, beautiful, and filled with so many different people groups and creatures. Players will be able to not only interact with these characters to gain further insights into the lore and history of the world, but also with the environments of the world itself.


Though our story is linear, we’re still providing ways for players to get the absolute most out of our game and the world we’ve created. Throughout the game, players can discover and collect all kinds of items by exploring the world. Many of these items reveal deeper parts of the lore of Steadfast that would be absent in a quick playthrough.

Compelling, linear Narrative

Our goal with Steadfast is, first and foremost, to tell a story that is engaging and emotional. So, rather than an open world story like many adventure games before it, we’re providing a linear story so as to help players stay engrossed in the story rather than focused on side-missions and objectives.


Their path through the darkness is lit by the radiant glow of their burning village. They can still feel the heat of its whipping flames on their backs and the smell of smoke is inescapable. Tears fall down their cheeks as the memory of their father’s voice, which called out to them as he was ripped from their presence, continues to haunt them. Left with only each other, two young siblings set out from the only place they’ve ever known into the world where they seek answers to the questions that burden their hearts and minds: “What evil brought this destruction upon our home?”, “Why did it choose us, here and now?”, “What dangers lie ahead?”, and “Will we be able to find Father before it’s too late?

In our story, you will play as Talon and Ayla, two children who have just experienced a tragic event which has left them without home or parents, confused and afraid. With nothing left, but the hope of reuniting with their father, the two set out into the great unknown, armed with nothing but each other, in search of answers. Steadfast is a tale of unlikely heroes who must overcome immense odds to reach what they seek.

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